100% Design, Tokyo design week - Secretwars x designersblock

Painted with Zadok at 100% design, part of tokyo design week, invited by designers block.

100% Design

Festival of Creativity, Florence, October 25 to 28

Painted at the Festival of Creativity, Florence, October 25 to 28. More photos here

thanks to tel, ian, reeps, ninja and the esibisco guys




Halloween Train with RT

I was on character and background duty at the Halloween jam at the trains. Shouts to Intro, Daze and Town.

Full joiner coming soon!


Secretwars @ Stylus, Leeds, with Skinnyman

Heres a few snaps from Skinnyman live in leeds a few weeks ago. The show was part of his 'Smoking Ban Tour' and we were asked to do a London Vs Leeds secretwars battle at the gig. Check the skinnyman characature dropped in there for good measure. The man himself wasn't too offended. massive props to my boy debug for bringing it with the letters.

octopus ink



listen to skinnyman!

Thanks to Scott Akoz for the photos


Dont Sleep - Daydream x Secretwars European Tour

I'll be joining Secretwars and the Daydream Network in the Dont Sleep European tour coming soon.

Dates, venues and other artists involved...

Paris on the 17th Nov - @ TBC

Amsterdam 21st Nov - @ Canvas - Feat LONDON POLICE + MORKY + WAYNE HORSE

Berlin 24th Nov - @ Tachelles - Feat TBC

Milan 28th Nov - @ Connie Douglas - Feat WANY

Barcelona 1st Dec - @ Rojo - Feat TVBOY

London 8th Dec - @ Corby House – Feat ODISY + ALFA + TIZER AND MORE

Check out dontsleeptour.blogspot.com for more info and updates

And on these blogs...

Sneaker Freaker

Kung-Fu London


Cut & Paste

Shutter painted on Curtain Road for Cut & Paste, a digital design tournament held at the truman brewery on 20th October. The piece was filmed for a viral to be projected at the event.

more info...


Secretwars @ plan b, Brixton

A one off event with monorex going head to head with SD crew.

Jimi Mackay and myself represented monorex, Alfa and MN on the SD side.

Hats off to the guys that managed to steal the boards towards the end of the night without anyone noticing.


Skitz x Puma t-shirt

I recently designed a T-shirt for Skitz to be manufactured by his sponsor Puma. The brief was to create an ambigram, or a word that reads the same once flipped 180 degrees. Getting the s and the z to work is harder than it sounds.



Custom Marc Ecko Rhino

Commission to customise an Ecko Rhino in any way i wanted. Good enough to eat!

More info coming soon...


Daydream exhibition @ M&C Saatchi

I took part in the Daydream exhibition at M&C Saatchi a few months back but didn't get round to blogging it. This video taken from MTV base just popped up...

Heres the piece painted by Odisie and myself. see if you can spot it in the vid...

Look out for my page coming soon in Daydream issue 3.

Dont sleep!


seatbeat exhibition Berlin

Just got some photos back from the BMX seat exhibition held at the rebel jam in Berlin. Heres a few of my favorites from the show.

London, England

André Nossek aka Viagrafic
Wiesbaden, Germany

London, England

London, England

London, England


London, England

The exhibition will be touring europe, for more info go to www.wethepeople.de


Lovebox Festival Production

I painted a piece for the love box festival last week. the production took 4 days to complete, involving 15 top artists, and an 80m long wall. The brief was 'the regeneration of London'. We loosely planned the piece to flow from west London to east, with the west being run down and dark, and the east being developed and futuristic.

(click image to see full size.)
L to R: Jae, Miss Pink, Homus, Zadok, Shine, Sickboy, Hicks, Chu, Nash, Busk, Bleach, Teck, Fors, Astek, Probz.

Heres some details of my section, a futuristic vision of Bethnal Green and the 'L.C.P.D'

More photos here...

Secret Wars On Tour - England Vs Wales

Secret wars hit Cardiff last week for the first ever ' international' battle.

England, represented by myself Debug and max, took the win for the first time on away turf.

England on the left, Wales on the right

Shouts to Mister Shrew for organising the event.

Secret Wars Series 1 videos

heres a video from secretwars series 1 in 2 parts

thanks to www.thekerning.com


Marc Ecko Watches promo vid

Heres a link to a video of me and Dbug. Done for a promotion for Marc Ecko Watches.


'We The People' BMX Seat

The robots are back in my submission to the 'we the people' bmx seat exhibition.
Click here for more info...

My design also got a mention in the August edition of Ride BMX magazine