Lovebox Festival Production

I painted a piece for the love box festival last week. the production took 4 days to complete, involving 15 top artists, and an 80m long wall. The brief was 'the regeneration of London'. We loosely planned the piece to flow from west London to east, with the west being run down and dark, and the east being developed and futuristic.

(click image to see full size.)
L to R: Jae, Miss Pink, Homus, Zadok, Shine, Sickboy, Hicks, Chu, Nash, Busk, Bleach, Teck, Fors, Astek, Probz.

Heres some details of my section, a futuristic vision of Bethnal Green and the 'L.C.P.D'

More photos here...

Secret Wars On Tour - England Vs Wales

Secret wars hit Cardiff last week for the first ever ' international' battle.

England, represented by myself Debug and max, took the win for the first time on away turf.

England on the left, Wales on the right

Shouts to Mister Shrew for organising the event.

Secret Wars Series 1 videos

heres a video from secretwars series 1 in 2 parts

thanks to www.thekerning.com


Marc Ecko Watches promo vid

Heres a link to a video of me and Dbug. Done for a promotion for Marc Ecko Watches.


'We The People' BMX Seat

The robots are back in my submission to the 'we the people' bmx seat exhibition.
Click here for more info...

My design also got a mention in the August edition of Ride BMX magazine


This is where the magic happens.

Yep, my studio is in an old tube train!

some more great photos here...