Secret Wars @ Hoxton pony

Experimented with symetry and mirrors at the Hoxton pony last week in a collaborative effort with Mr Hicks.

photograhy by Jaysus www.jaysusphotograhy.com


New video production by the Pirates

'Pirates' are a new collective specialising in 'creative direction and excecution'

Founded by Jimi Crayon and represented by CIA, Artists included are...
i didnt have the time to paint in this production, but im gonna post the video just because its amazing.

'We Like Colour' Time Lapse Film from alicja mccarthy on Vimeo.

look out for more pirates productions coming soon!




Swatch MTV Playground - Athens

Flew out to athens with Mr Gauky last week for an England Vs Greece Secret Wars Battle, held at the Swatch MTV Playground event.

there was a 1000 euro cash prize up for grabs, and with the crowd being the judge, it was obvious from the start we weren't going to see that cash!

the greek artists...yellowish and some other guy

we needed a biger wall

this is the winning (unfinished?) piece from the greeks...

this is our piece...our concept was based on greek mythology with a play on words and depicted hades and cereberus the 3 headed dog, guardians of the 'london underworld'

fake smiles all around...

Anyway! we drowned our sorrows in raki, ouzo and some dodgy caribean import lager, danced like idiots and stole their girlfriends... ;)


Southampton Solent Student Union

Something for the music students @ Solent SU


Belvedere 1X launch partys, Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Flew out to dubai last week with Alfa to paint at the launch of Belvedere 1X, at club 400. Haven't got any decent photos yet, so untill i get my hands on them, heres some pics of my phone.

It was a fun brief, and we had to paint the ceilings deface old paintings with flourescent paint for the party, which later on would be illuminated with UV lights.

Thanks to Brag Limited for bringing us in. Dropped this on the wall of their new office while we were in town...


Addict X Disco Teck

Heres my T-shirt design for the the Addict Clothing Artist Series, coming SS 2010. Catalogue available now.




keeping it brief due to internet problems! Drove to Lisbon in Portugal last week with 4 other guys in a tiny car. was a nightmare.

Got there eventually and painted with the LEG crew. heres a few snaps off my phone...

My tribute to MJ...looks more like Garry Glitter though.

more photos here...


Independance Day Streetwear Sample Sale

I recently designed this flyer for Out of Step Distributions "Independance Day Streetwear Sample Sale!". Theres going to be some hot shit up for grabs at rock bottom prices, so dust off them wallets and get your shabby selves down there.


New York City!

The 10 day Monorex invasion of New York is over, it was so much fun, i might even attempt a full on write up...

On arrival, Jimi Crayon, Alfa, and myself headed to our new studio (thanks Elura!) and started work on our canvasses for the Monorex group show. we had 2 days to produce the work.

The day before the exhibition, we were invited to throw a Secret Wars party in Marc Eckos office, where team Monorex would battle team Ecko.

Party in full swing @ Marc Eckos office...yep, hes got a basketball court in there.
First lines...
DJ Session
Monorex piece - by Disco Teck, Jimi Crayon & Alfa

my favourite insult from the yanks...

Our concept used 'Rex and the city' as the title and had 'ol Henry the 8th sat in the middle holding Carrie Bradshaws severed head on a platter...we added a Roast Rhino to the feast with a big apple shoved in its mouth to wind Mr Ecko up (which it did). It was a fair fight, with team Ecko grassping the 'live illustration battle' idea, and bringing some pretty funny disses (if not obvious social stereotypes). Of course there was no way we could win over the hugeley patriotic crowd, most of which had no idea who Henry the 8th was, or that 'Rex' meant 'king' in latin. So we lost...and raved it up london style till we got thrown out.

Next up was 'LDNYC' the Monorex group show, held at Gallery Bar, Orchard st in the lower east side.
Thanks to all who came down to see the work and meet us, its nice to know what we do over here gets noticed accross the pond! oh, and also a big thank you to the coach load of 18 year old cheerleaders that turned up around 11pm...you made it look a lot busier than it actually was!
Jimi Crayon
Disco Teck

After a day off, we had the main London Vs New York battle, held at Public Assembly in Brooklyn.

This time arround we used the classic film 'the Warriors' as our inspiration, putting a twist on the Baseball Furies gang, with our own Cricket Furies, cruising around in a beat up london cab. We had one of the famous lines from the film 'can you dig it?!' on one side, with Obama (characature by the mighty Alfa) popping up on the right responding with his famous line 'yes we can!'. Get it?! clever innit.

Our 'Warriors' inspired piece...

New Yorks effort...

badda boom, badda bing. we won.

The last 2 events we were supposed to do got cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. Which was fine by me, after all that i just wanted to chill for a bit and go see the city!

And thats all you need to know!

Huge thanks to Monorex, Reebok, Elura, and Yumi for the hard work behind the scenes

Photography by Jaysus - www.flickr.com/jaysusphotography