Illustrated Ape -Monorex Edition

Illustrated Ape magazine asked Monorex to put together an entire issue. Go get your copy now!



'Forced Perspective' @ Reebok Lounge

Thanks to all who made it down to the private view.

The show runs untill 15th November.
To arrange a viewing call the reebok lounge on 02073778601

6-8 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3NT

continuous looping video of the installation which was projected at the show.

click here for more photos from the private view.

some shots from my studio...


Normann party @ Magasin, Copenhagen

is a product design company based in Copenhagen. last friday saw the launch of their latest product, a very minimal toy plane. To celebrate this they threw a massive party in the car park of 'Magasin' (a danish equivalent of selfridges). I was commissioned to paint some canvasses and customise some Reeboks for their VIP guests.

My section from the Wall of canvasses, which will be auctioned off for charity.

"f*#k you, pay me!" custom reeboks

shouts to Daniel 'the sweede' wakeham, Code26, Alfa and Lars


Marc Ecko Clothing Commission

Immagery taken from the new Ecko collection.

Alfa on the left teck on the right.


'Forced Perspective'

'Forced Perspective' by Teck1
@ The Reebok Lounge
30th October - 15th November
Private View 30th october by invitation only.
6-8 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3NT
+4420 73778601


The Warehouse Project, Manchester

Mural commissioned by Budweiser for The Warehouse Project in Manchester. Painted by Jamie Jongo, Jimi Crayon and Disco Teck. They've got some great nights on over the next 3 months, so go check it out.



Secret wars Malmo, Sweden VIDEO

Our guys in sweeden put this little video together documenting our visit back in May this year.

Secret Wars - Sweden vs England from Secret Wars Scandinavia on Vimeo.

click here to see photos


Reebok Pump Dual Illustration

No4 in a series of 6 ltd edition product DVD's showcasing Reeboks latest collection. Other artists to collaborate include Jimi Crayon, Stika, Odisie, Mr K, Alfa. Embossed silver print on cardboard. This is one serious dvd case.


Cans Festival 2 - 'Gin & Juice'

The Banksy currated tunnel at Leake st, Waterloo, has had a new layer of paint added to it. Asure and myself painted this interpretation of William Hogarths 'gin lane'

Huge thanks go to the organisers who really looked after the artists well! it was a good 2 days.

the tunnel is now open to the public, go have a look.


Secret Wars @ Fashion V Sport, V&A

Secret Wars took over the V&A Event space in conjunction with the current 'Fashion V Sport' Exhibition last friday. Click here for more pics from the opening night.

Finished wall painted live on opening night:
left side: Mr K & Jimi Crayon
Right side: Inkie & Teck


Write 4 Gold World Final - RT 5th Place

We came 5th in the Write 4 Gold world finals. the topic for the concept wall this time was 'make it funky'. Congrats have to go to TMD crew from New zealand, clear winners for the 2nd year running. We'll be back next year for another shot at the title!


Write4Gold Finals 2008 from Write4Gold on Vimeo.


Write 4 Gold European Final - RT 2nd Place

We came second in the write 4 gold European final, held at the Splash Festival, in Leipzig, last week. The top 4 from the Euro final qualified for the world final the day after.

Click image to see larger...

The topic given for the concept painting this time round was 'science fiction'. We came up with the idea of painting a Science Fiction convention, with the main letters filling the centre of the wall and the characters either side being sci fi nerds dressed up. made me laugh anyway.

Bigup RT Crew!!



Reebok x Secret Wars @ Bread & Butter

Reebok asked Secret wars to once again collaborate with them at the July Bread and Butter tradeshow in Barcelona. The format was slightly different from Januarys event, with the main focus being an ice cream van which was customised by Jimi C, mr K, Alfa and myself over the 3 days. more photos on the Monorex blog...

Thats us lot in the bottom left...

My design for the Secretwars x Reebok T-shirt. they come in black or white and theres only 100, so if you've got one, pat yourself on the back.

We did a lot of customised trainers for Reeboks main buyers and guests. Thierry didnt show this time though.

Shoelace font by myself, and bonnet by alfa.

Press photos can be found at


Write 4 Gold Germany - through to european finals!

This is our winning concept wall. Everyone was given the word 'legends' and a box of paint to come up with something. we came up with a ghetto version of the old legend of robin hood, replacing sherwood forest with an overgrown city, and the 'rich' being a pinstriped city boy getting pickpocketed by a hooded yout. turned out good for an 8 hour freestyle!

huge props to RT - Town, Choe, Vibe, Intro, Dazer, & Der.

Hit a local hall of fame the day after with all the paint we won, need to get a joiner of the whole wall...



'Roots & Culture' Daydream network group show @ M&C Saatchi

Ive got 2 pieces in the 'Roots & Culture' Daydream network group show @ M&C Saatchi, which opened yesterday. The show runs till 25th July. click flyer below for more info. here are some photos from the private view...

click here for more photos...


GRL @ Tate Modern

Coinciding with Tate Moderns first ever street art exhibition, Graffiti Research Lab and myself were asked to do our thing at 'Raw Canvas', a Tate Studio event.

We (Chu, Jimi Crayon, Alfa, Teck) kicked off with some live drawing on the black glass walls of cafe 2, and once the crowds were inspired, they were let loose with a massive box of Edding pens in the annex. The turn out was impressive, with 700 people going through the doors, and many having to queue in the rain for ages to get in.

The highlight of the evening was GRL's Laser Tag display. Due to the wet weather we could only work in the turbine hall, but managed to get a few 50 ft wide reaches! I could have played on that thing all night.

Teck, Chu, Jimi C

Chu's 'your mum rang' went down a treat...

For those who have no idea what GRL are all about, check this...


Secret Wars x Youtube x Google

Secret Wars were asked to paint at the Zeitgeist Europe 2008 Gala Dinner @ The Grove, Watford. The show included the most popular acts on Youtube including Beardyman, Mia Rose and the Vagabonds breakdance crew to name a few. Jimi Crayon, Stika, Mr k and the Disco Teck warmed things up with a display of live illustration. Due to security at the party (with Gordon Brown and the Queen of Jordan in attendance) we were not allowed to enjoy the open bar and other live acts, so the crew headed to the hotel bar for an evening of overpriced drinks and unacceptable behavior.

Jimi C, Teck, Mr k, Stika

Our piece was a dig at this popular youtube video

Click here for more videos of the whole event.


Secret wars Malmo, Sweden

Sweden rules. I want to go back.

in our 3 day stay we managed a 2 hour interview on 100.6 din gata, an in store @ impala (the finest street wear retailer in Malmo) which also made the local paper, Hit a local hall of fame in central Malmo, and threw an exclusive secret wars party at a secret location which bought in over 500 Swedish heads. All this thanks to Daniel, our new Scandinavian Representative.
hats off to you sir, it was a pleasure.

DAY 1:
went on the radio. took the piss. went to Impala, drew on walls, made front page news.

Pillar freestyle -Teck + Jimi crayon


DAY 2:
Woke up hung over. spent £100 on 20 tins of paint. hit local HOF.
Disco Malmo

DAY 3:
Woke up hungover, Set up, throw big party, draw (along side luke lyxxx and finsta. top boys!), win battle, get on plane home drunk.


Judge 1: Adam Blomgren, Artist for 30 year old comic "Bamse" - THE comic book for Swedish kids between 3 and 8 years old...everyone there has grown up with it.

Judge 2: Tor Billgren, Art Critic and Art Journalist well known in the swedish fine art scene. He writes regularly for Sweden's second largest morning paper and a Swedish time out-ish type
of magazine.

It was a mad Hectic few days, and i loved every minuite. Shouts to Daniel, Marcus, Dick, luke lyxx, finsta and all the other swedes.


CLICK HERE for sexy slideshow
thanks to sonny.
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