Secretwars x Reebok x Daydream @ Bread & Butter, Barcelona

Secretwars and the Daydream network collaborated with Reebok at the 2008 Bread and butter tradeshow in Barcelona. We were asked to stage a complete secretwars championship over 2 days on their stand using international artists. The line up was Wany1, Jimi Crayon, Alfa, Wayne Horse, Odisy, Mister Shrew, Flan and Teck.

Before the event, I was also asked to design this 3 page fold out advert for the Reebok ERS shoe and graphics for the stand.

Secret Wars...
some photos of my battles.

The stage is set...60mins per battle, 2mx2m canvas, 1 pen, winner goes through...

Quater final - Teck Vs Wany...

Semi-Final - Teck Vs Alpha

Final - Teck Vs Jimi Crayon...

somehow i won.

Daydream blog

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Dont sleep: secretwars x daydream network european tour - photos

"During November and December 2007, the creative network and art publication Daydream (watch out for volume 3, out now) hooked up with Secret Wars, the UK’s infamous street art battle for the Don’t Sleep European tour. Together they hopped on a Winnebago and traveled across Europe for 21 days, covering 3,500 miles stopping off in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin before returning back home to London. At each stop off their UK artist team (Jimi Crayon, Teck 1, Inkie and more) battled local artists whilst working on building up intercontinental cultural-relations in the most universally recognized way poss. Throwing a huge, messy, drunken party in each city. Hell yes." - one week to live magazine

Amsterdam 21/11/07 @ Melkweg

Friendly with wayne horse and jimi crayon

front page of the amsterdam metro

Chas from TLP, wayne horse, morky

Inkie, jimi C, Teck

Berlin 24/11/07 @ Tacheles

Jimi C, teck

Milan 28/11/07 @ Connie Douglas

Jimi C, Teck

Bros, Wany

Barcelona 01/12/07 @ Rojo

TVboy, inocuo, royal

Inkie, teck, jimi

Fore more photos check www.dontsleeptour.blogspot.com

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