Swatch MTV Playground - Athens

Flew out to athens with Mr Gauky last week for an England Vs Greece Secret Wars Battle, held at the Swatch MTV Playground event.

there was a 1000 euro cash prize up for grabs, and with the crowd being the judge, it was obvious from the start we weren't going to see that cash!

the greek artists...yellowish and some other guy

we needed a biger wall

this is the winning (unfinished?) piece from the greeks...

this is our piece...our concept was based on greek mythology with a play on words and depicted hades and cereberus the 3 headed dog, guardians of the 'london underworld'

fake smiles all around...

Anyway! we drowned our sorrows in raki, ouzo and some dodgy caribean import lager, danced like idiots and stole their girlfriends... ;)