Face & Laces - Moscow

Flew out to moscow last week to paint in an England Vs Russia Secret Wars battle on the Reebok stand at the Faces & Laces tradeshow.

The tradeshow was held in a huge old soviet building that was originally used to comemorate the Russian space programme.

The Russian Piece, painted by Aske (Sicksystems), and Djagarta.

The UK piece, painted by myself and Wen. Our concept was to have two hairy russian chaps, bear baiting 'Cheburashka'. For those who dont know, that little bear character is a well known national icon and loved by pretty much all russians. we left drawing him to the last minuite, and managed to get a few laughs out of the tough crowd.

Did plenty of sightseeing and vodka drinking while i was there too...

more photos coming soon...