Secret wars Malmo, Sweden

Sweden rules. I want to go back.

in our 3 day stay we managed a 2 hour interview on 100.6 din gata, an in store @ impala (the finest street wear retailer in Malmo) which also made the local paper, Hit a local hall of fame in central Malmo, and threw an exclusive secret wars party at a secret location which bought in over 500 Swedish heads. All this thanks to Daniel, our new Scandinavian Representative.
hats off to you sir, it was a pleasure.

DAY 1:
went on the radio. took the piss. went to Impala, drew on walls, made front page news.

Pillar freestyle -Teck + Jimi crayon


DAY 2:
Woke up hung over. spent £100 on 20 tins of paint. hit local HOF.
Disco Malmo

DAY 3:
Woke up hungover, Set up, throw big party, draw (along side luke lyxxx and finsta. top boys!), win battle, get on plane home drunk.


Judge 1: Adam Blomgren, Artist for 30 year old comic "Bamse" - THE comic book for Swedish kids between 3 and 8 years old...everyone there has grown up with it.

Judge 2: Tor Billgren, Art Critic and Art Journalist well known in the swedish fine art scene. He writes regularly for Sweden's second largest morning paper and a Swedish time out-ish type
of magazine.

It was a mad Hectic few days, and i loved every minuite. Shouts to Daniel, Marcus, Dick, luke lyxx, finsta and all the other swedes.


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