GRL @ Tate Modern

Coinciding with Tate Moderns first ever street art exhibition, Graffiti Research Lab and myself were asked to do our thing at 'Raw Canvas', a Tate Studio event.

We (Chu, Jimi Crayon, Alfa, Teck) kicked off with some live drawing on the black glass walls of cafe 2, and once the crowds were inspired, they were let loose with a massive box of Edding pens in the annex. The turn out was impressive, with 700 people going through the doors, and many having to queue in the rain for ages to get in.

The highlight of the evening was GRL's Laser Tag display. Due to the wet weather we could only work in the turbine hall, but managed to get a few 50 ft wide reaches! I could have played on that thing all night.

Teck, Chu, Jimi C

Chu's 'your mum rang' went down a treat...

For those who have no idea what GRL are all about, check this...